Life Members

Life Membership is the highest award available to recognise the exceptional contribution of individuals to our club. Those that have been awarded life membership have been viewed as having demonstrated significant, sustained and high quality service within the club. Congratulations and thank you to the following members that have been awarded Life Membership. 

Helen Conley

Janice Guerra

Jill Leggett

Christine Ihms

Brentyn Ihms

Warren Ihms

Elizabeth Giles

Christine Hausler

Naomi Stidiford

Ron Giles

Ian Linton

Peter Tate

John Ware

Kingsley Munchenberg

Darryl Barnden

Kerry Munchenberg

Tamara Hall

Terry Homes

Greg Koch

Graham Fechner

Michael Graetz

Craig Johnson


If you feel someone deserves to be recognised for their contribution to our club, please contact for details on how to nominate them.


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