Uniforms and Merchandise


Click on the link to order uniform for this season. Due to the timeframes, ordering will need to take place between now and 21st FEB 2024 to allow for manufacturing time before the season starts for the Seniors. There will be another opportunity to order gear in time for the junior competition and for Seniors if you wish to order anything else.

On the portal you will notice that we have included a

  • tee playing shirt, which is both uni-sex and ladies cut, you just need to choose your size
  • Shorts, you can choose from either 5inch or 7 inch, depending upon what length you like
  • Skort, these will be available for juniors and seniors
  • Socks – if you have maroon socks, these are the same colour as previous years, so you don’t need to purchase new socks if you don’t need them. The club will order some extras to have in stock for purchase.

We have also included, as an option if you would like

  • A long sleeve playing shirt
  • A singlet playing shirt

On the portal we have also included a pair of training shorts, again optional. These both come in male and female cuts.


Please note

  • if you do not have a number, you will need to get in touch with AMU Secretary, there is a list of all the issued numbers on the portal, so please check that before putting in your number in your order
  • Juniors from under 8-14’s will not need to order a shirt, these will be supplied by the club, juniors will still need to order shorts/ skort and socks if required
  • Under 16’s and Senior grade players will need to purchase a playing top, along with shorts/ skort and socks, so you will need to have a number issued
  • We are not putting names on playing shirts, there will only be numbers this year


In the near future we are looking to add merchandise to this order and a training top.


At the next couple of trainings will have an sizing kit for people to try on. These are not the uniforms, but a standard NXI sizing guide. Please feel free to catch up with Tammy Leggett to try on tops and pants. The skort is a new style, so we are just trying to sort out something which will be suitable to try on for the skort.


Once the ordering time has cut off, we will collect the uniforms and hoping that we will be able to hand these out at the last training before the games.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with either Tammy or Riley Leggett, Pam Harrison or any members of the committee.


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